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Face Treatment

After your daily facial cleansing routine, sprayed the Ceramide Spray Skin Energy followed by the Anti-Aging Renewal oil.


The aroma of our products provide an extraordinary relaxation after a day of work.

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What should you expect from Natru Care?

An ideal skin care routine aims to keep your skin healthy and radiant for a lifetime, as skin ages it naturally loses it’s youthful qualities and it’s elasticity becomes weaker, therefore the skincare routine daily care will need to change as the needs of your skin change. We recommend to evaluate how your skin is changing in order to know what you need to adapt the new realities of it.

An important part of an ideal skin care routine is personal awareness, and as new research develops, the contents of skin care products have been changing over time, which is why we decided to use natural and organic products that have always been the best alternative for your skin health and that is what the NATRU CARE proposal offers.

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Steps for Skin Care



Is the first step in any good personal skin care routine.

To make sure you have the right cleanser, you may need to try more than one. When you wash your face, you should use lukewarm water to prevent any damage to your skin. Make sure you don’t cleanse your face too much because it can damage both the skin and the pores.



Is the second step in any good skin care routine.

Your skin automatically follows its own natural process, shedding dead skin cells and replacing them with new, healthy cells. When you exfoliate, you’re helping your skin complete this process faster, as dead cells prevent skincare products from reaching new cells.



Is the third step in any good personal skincare routine, and it’s one of the most important, even if you have oily skin, as skin needs to stay hydrated to stay healthy.

A moisturizing product helps seal moisture into the skin. Read the instructions before using the moisturizer to make sure you use it in the right way and in the correct amounts, as applying too much can cause your pores to clog, detrimentally affecting skin health. Moisturizing oil should always be applied to skin that is still damp after cleansing.



Is the last step in a good skincare routine to maintain healthy skin in the sun.

As you experiment with skin care products and determine which one is best for you, review how much you need to feel comfortable and achieve healthy-looking skin.

Why use our Natru Care products?

  • The answer is simple because they are the best cosmetics you can buy. Since it is much more effective, it has no side effects for your skin or metabolism, it protects the environment… what more do we have to say to be able to say that natural cosmetics are the best cosmetics that exist.

  • They have a better adaptation to our skin type due to the greater affinity of their components with our skin.

  • They offer a softer and less aggressive effect than conventional cosmetics.

  • Protects, cares for and regenerates the skin effectively.

  • Ours skincare products have benefits for the environment since their manufacture does not cause harmful chemical residues since they do not use petroleum products or the like. Free of: Parabens, mineral oils, petroleum jelly, silicones, chemicals, artificial fragrances, GMOs.

  • Handmade, with the best natural and organic ingredients.

  • Cruelty-free

Natru Care - Review
Natru Care - Testimonials

Treat yourself every night with NATRU CARE products

Welcome to our space where you can find the skincare for your specific needs or preferences! Each of
our products is aligned with the purpose of nourishing the skin and giving you a pleasant experience
with the essential oils we use.


Free of:

Parabens, mineral oils, petroleum jelly, silicones, chemicals, artificial fragrances, GMOs. This product is not intended to cure or treat any disease or condition. Handmade, with the best natural and organic ingredients. We designed this product with a quantity of oils found in our nature to obtain and maximize the best results of the skin, cruelty free for animals and the environment It is important for us that you review these recommendations:

  • Read each of the oils that we use for Anti-Aging Renewal Oil, if you are allergic to any of these ingredients please do not use it.

  • If you observe any unfavorable reaction, discontinue use and consult your doctor.

  • Using sunscreen if you use our product in the morning.

  • Remember our products are not intended to cure or prevent any disease.

Natru Care - Kit #2

What Clients Say

Marvilan Guevara

I started using the sample, and my skin appearance improved. It’s my favorite skin care product


Militza Monserrate

I love the feeling and the smell is wonderful


Stephanie Murphy

Great products


Elizabeth Barreto

Love this, came super quick and high quality


Noelani Ciguela

They are perfect for my sensitive skin, I love the scent


Martha Ospino

Love the products, and 100% naturals


Norka Gonzalez

I receive my sample, and I left waiting more, bough the kit, I can’t stop using it at night


Ymaru Smith

The products are wonderful, my skin looks great after just a few days of use


Natru Tips

Natru Tip #1

Things women should always to do to have a gorgeous skin

Natru Tip #2

Everyone deserves a healthy and soft skin

Natru Tip #3

Use de correct cleanser for your skin type!!

Natru Tip #4

Don’t use too many products!!

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